Kid’s Night Out 02-22-13

kids night out


You are getting sleepy…

If you are finding that you or your children are cranky, irritable or prone to arguing as the day wears on, consider whether you all have had enough sleep. Without a sufficient amount of time to tune out the senses and sleep each night, our brain can not function properly. You may notice right away that simple tasks are a challenge to accomplish, and your body may suddenly feel like it’s not cooperation and becomes clumsy. Over time, poor sleeping habits have a lasting effect on the body’s health, such as a decrease in immunity (more sickness) or lack of necessary hormones for proper growth.

At the end of a busy day you may find that it is hard to relax and fall to sleep. Here are some ideas to help:

One hour before Bedtime, get yourself organized for the next day. Many times people wait until right before bed to think about the next day. You find yourself preparing and running late past bed time.

30 minutes before Bedtime, choose a relaxing, calming activity to. Reading a book, listening to soft music are two ideas. But stay away from digital games or even TV programs with a lot of action or intense drama. These tend to stimulate brain activity and cause you to spend more time trying to relax before sleeping.

10 minutes fore Bedtime, follow a relaxing routine. Maybe a warm cloth on the eyes for a few minutes. Or try a self-massage or gentle stretching.

At Bedtime, focus on relaxing. Take a moment at each part of your body to squeeze and release tension from the muscles. Take several deep relaxing breaths. Visualize a calm and happy place to concentrate your mind on relaxing into rest.

“Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year-olds.”  ~JoJo Jensen, Dirt Farmer Wisdom, 2002


Kid’s Night Out


Color Belt Testing 05/14/12

What an exciting color belt testing we just had. Congratulations to all those who tested. Master St. Pierre and I enjoyed seeing and hearing the energy from all participants. We would also like to thank the parents for cheering on the sidelines. Now that everyone has a fresh belt around their waists it’s time to learn the new patterns and techniques. Private lessons are available through Mr. Alisa for those who would like to have one-on-one specialized lessons. To schedule a private lesson contact Mr. Alisa via email.  Also, join us on Wednesdays for patterns class with Master Dewyea.

Here are some photos from our testing. More photos will be available on our facebook page soon.

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Memorial Day Weekend

We are closed this Saturday and Monday in observance of Memorial Day. Please enjoy your long weekend off.



Testing Information

Here is the schedule for the color belt testing (Monday: May 14th)
Dragons: 4:45pm
Novice: 5:25pm
Advanced: 6:20pm
Adult: 7:15pm

Please remember to wear your white uniform top and pants. 


Kids Fun Night Out

We are having a kids night out event this Friday. Parents, you can drop off your children at 6pm for a night of fun and games. We will have pizza and drinks. Pick up time will be right at 10pm. Sign-ups will be up at the school. 


Fusion Taekwondo Logo

Here is the new logo of Fusion Taekwondo. This logo will be place on our uniforms, shirts, signs, etc… What do you think of it?



Fresh Paint + Fresh Co-Owners and Pictures to Prove It

We have been busy this winter break sprucing up the school. We had some fun painting the walls. The country music was playing loud and the holiday spirit was high. Take a look at the pictures below.

Primer to coat the the old paint.
The co-owners!
The mother/daughter team!
Gabriel showing her enthusiasm for painting the trim.
Mr. Peterson painting like a 3rd degree blackbelt!
Master St. Pierre rolling on the first layer of blue.
Garret cleaning out the closet.
Ms. St. Pierre excited to paint over the old color.
Andrew taking a much needed donut break.

To the students and families of Snyder’s Academy of Taekwondo

To the students and families of Snyder’s Academy of Taekwon-do

We hope that you all are enjoying a well needed and appreciated break. As the holiday season is coming to an end we wish all of you a very happy New Year.

Master Snyder approached Mr. Alisa and myself (Master St. Pierre) at the beginning of December, and expressed that his time as a school owner was coming to an end. Master Snyder came in 4 years ago to get the school back on its feet. He is very comfortable stepping out as the school is in a good place and continuing to grow. He will remain our senior instructor and will be around to assist where needed. He is looking forward to spending more  time with his family. We are excited at the opportunity to become the new co-owners of the school. This school has been a big part of us and has helped sculpt who we are today. It seems like a natural fit for the both of us.

Fusion Taekwon-do, is the name we chose, as it represents the coming together of so many things; mind, body, and spirit. The blending of tae kwon-do,  yoga, and fitness  and the coming together of school and community.

We have spent many hours over these past few weeks in preparation for your return. You will notice the new logo and the freshly painted walls in the Dojang along with  a new Face book page, make sure to check us out at; Fusion Taekwon-do.  We also have developed a new On-line manual, visit, for patterns, videos and so much more, feel free to post a comment.

Reminders of upcoming event:

January 9th, 2012.  Testing (Monday night)

Master St. Pierre, 4th Dan.                                                           Mr. Alisa, 3rd Dan