You are getting sleepy…

If you are finding that you or your children are cranky, irritable or prone to arguing as the day wears on, consider whether you all have had enough sleep. Without a sufficient amount of time to tune out the senses and sleep each night, our brain can not function properly. You may notice right away that simple tasks are a challenge to accomplish, and your body may suddenly feel like it’s not cooperation and becomes clumsy. Over time, poor sleeping habits have a lasting effect on the body’s health, such as a decrease in immunity (more sickness) or lack of necessary hormones for proper growth.

At the end of a busy day you may find that it is hard to relax and fall to sleep. Here are some ideas to help:

One hour before Bedtime, get yourself organized for the next day. Many times people wait until right before bed to think about the next day. You find yourself preparing and running late past bed time.

30 minutes before Bedtime, choose a relaxing, calming activity to. Reading a book, listening to soft music are two ideas. But stay away from digital games or even TV programs with a lot of action or intense drama. These tend to stimulate brain activity and cause you to spend more time trying to relax before sleeping.

10 minutes fore Bedtime, follow a relaxing routine. Maybe a warm cloth on the eyes for a few minutes. Or try a self-massage or gentle stretching.

At Bedtime, focus on relaxing. Take a moment at each part of your body to squeeze and release tension from the muscles. Take several deep relaxing breaths. Visualize a calm and happy place to concentrate your mind on relaxing into rest.

“Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year-olds.”  ~JoJo Jensen, Dirt Farmer Wisdom, 2002

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